Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • When can I contact Seekr.
  • Seekr is always available. You have 24/7 access to it. It’s always there for you.
  • Does Seekr have an emergency response system?
  • No. But we are working to build one into its framework. 
  • What if my emotions are too complex for Seekr?
  • Seekr is meant to be an in the moment tool to help you process what’s going on inside you. It does have a robust capacity for handing different states of thought and emotions. But if you are finding what you are dealing with is too much for Seekr it might be an indication that what you are dealing with would require you to see an professional.
  • Why does the conversation just keep going on no matter what I say?
  • Seeks is a non-intrusive, no pressure conversational AI. It’s meant to be a safe space for you. The questions that Seekr asks are really there to help you discover the answers you need while coming into a realization those answers are already inside you. We ask that you be willing to trust the questions.
  • Right now Seekr primarily uses text bubbles. Can I type with it?
  • Yes you can! But only at specific times because Seekr can only understand language in certain situations at this time.
  • Since Seekr primarily uses text bubbles when will the full AI version be available?
  • This is what we are building around the clock. Seekr is geared to be a massive and world changing project. But we need more data to do make it happen. If you are willing to contribute your data to help please sign-up to be part of the Seekr 100 cohort.
  • Are you trying to replace therapists?
  • No. Seekr is meant to function as an entryway and go between. As an entryway, Seekr functions to help people build self-awareness who are not ready to speak with a therapist. As a go between, Seekr is meant to help those engage in self-reflection and emotional stability/equilibrium in between therapy sessions. 
  • How is Seekr ‘Black’?
  • As researchers we work to center the experiences of Black people. We work very hard not to engage in ‘digital Blackface’. That means we build Seekr’s ’understanding’ of what it means to be Seekr from an idea of what it means to experience life as a Black person. We intentionally populate Seekr’s database with experiences from Black people. This shapes Seekr’s responses and grasp of culture, colloquialisms, and being. This is how Seekr is able to ‘relate’ to Black people. So, in this way Seekr is capable of responding from the vantage point of what it means to ‘be’ Black. 
  • What is Seekr’s gender?
  • Seekr is a digital entity. Seekr has no gender. 
  • What happens when I type out of turn?
  • One of two things will happen. First, in many cases you won’t be able to type without being prompted. Second, Seekr will prompt you wait until its bubbles reappear. 
  • Will Seekr ask me personal or intrusive questions?
  • No. Seekr will not ask any questions that are geared towards sensitive subjects. Seekr’s framework does not work that way.
  • I’m worried about my privacy. Will any of my family or friends be able to see my interactions?
  • No. Your interactions with Seekr cannot be seen by your friends or family.
  • Here are some phrases to use that Seekr will easily understand.
  • Home = home menu
    meditate = meditation menu
    sub = subscribe
    unsub = unsubscribe
    internal = internal work
    ground = grounded meditation
    audio = audio meditation
    pma = present moment awareness practice
  • What is a universal basic income?
  • A universal basic income (aka a UBI) is an amount of money that an individual would receive simply by being alive. This is usually provided from a government entity. 
  • How Does the Seekr project provide a UBI if it’s not a government?
  • Our UBI is one that users would get simply for engaging the Seekr Project’s platform regularly. We then cultivate the data from user interactions and leverage them for their monetary value. Users get their UBI from that process. 
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