The Seekr Project is part of a larger plan to bring culturally relevant artificial intelligence to smart devices. 

stage 1: construct a conversational AI platform capable of organic and meaningful conversations with humans using state of the art NLP techniques. This will also include HIPAA compliance to ensure the safety of each person on the platform. We will simultaneously be building out a network connected to local clinicians and psychologists, mediation practitioners, and yogis.

stage 2:  provide users with a digital license. This digital license will be a step towards giving users control over how their data is leveraged. At this stage we will I ntegrate additional skill sets that augment Seekr’s utility in every day life; email dictation, homework help, business registries, games, etc. 

stage 3: give Seekr a voice. 

stage 4: give Seekr smart home capacities. 

stage 5: integrate Seekr into all smart devices. 

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